I love Twitter. That was virtually love at the first blush. It’s a terrific idea which came to be incredible thanks to all the apps that finished it.

Here are two absolutely wonderful devices that have some really standard functionality Twitter still lacks:

Snapbird: Better search

Snapbird performance is so amazing that I am surprised Twitter does not supply anything like that:

Search your or anybody’s favorites

There are great deals of methods to make use of Twitter favorites. Many use them to ‘say thanks to’ for the mention. Some individuals utilize them to bookmark ideas for later referral. Others favorite Twitter testimonies to simpler curate them

In any of those instances, the capacity to browse your personal or another person’s favorites for a keyword or a hashtag is valuable …

social media statistics

You can investigate exactly what others favored, look back right into your own Twitter bookmarks and even locate who you ‘given thanks to’ in the past!

Search for DMs you sent or received

Why Twitter doesn’t permit to search within your Twitter inbox is past me. Sometimes I need to scroll and also scroll until I find the discussion I need.

I could being it that some people don’t utilize Twitter DMs that much however a lot of us still do! I am keeping my Twitter exclusive inbox extremely tidy as well as to the point, yet there’s no integrated solution to browse it.

Snapbird fixes that issue permitting you to look for DMs you sent out or received.

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Note: You can browse DM utilizing Tweetdeck as well.

Search what you or any individual else stated on Twitter. Browse tweets discussing you

OK, this can be effortlessly accomplished making use of Twitter progressed search:

  • to:@username (stating @username)
  • from:@username (tweeted by @username)

I would still utilize Snapbird for that because it shows where the tweet stemmed from (It could be beneficial in some situations)

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Twiangulate: How we are connected?

I pointed out Twiangulate a few times in the past yet they have changed the functionality a bit, so time to take a peek at it once again. Now it’s a fantastic connection exploration device that provides you way to discover just how you are attached to somebody else on Twitter (Build relationships!)

Find that these 2 Twitter accounts have in common

Give two Twitter accounts and find who the both follow (along with that complies with both of them:-RRB-:

Find most powerful accounts that follow both Twitter users (and how they overlap):

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Which Twitter search tools are you utilizing as well as why? Please let us know in the comments!