Bit. ly isn’t simply a LINK shortener, turning long internet addresses into brief addresses. It’s also a social media sites dimension device that counts clicks, keeps track of discussions, and keep your information all at the click of a button.

If you ever before share web links by means of social network sites after that you have actually most likely used an URL-shortening tool eventually. with its extra information collection attributes is well worth factor to consider among the broad stable of shortners that also consists of companies such as Google’s, Cligs, and also the grand father of shorteners, TinyURL.

Just as you would not release a site and also never ever inspect exactly how it’s carrying out (shame on you if you would certainly) you should watch on social network sites also. Not evaluating your efficiency on social networks could be the kiss of death for your campaign. The information supplied by will aid you to check how your project functions, so let’s see exactly what they tell you:

Number of Clicks

The standard things – the number of individuals have actually clicked your web link – whether you have actually tweeted it or utilized it in an email. Use this information to evaluate just what your clients want to review. Learn if your approach of shipment makes a difference to click with rates. Maintain trying various designs till you find one that works.

But has a cool method up its sleeve. It can inform you the amount of people have clicked a web link to your web page altogether. They could keep an eye on any type of connect to your URL – so also if a person produces a different brief web link to your wonderful blog site article will still show you the data.
And, they’ll also tell you who’s linking to you:


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The include discussions gathers all discussions containing your web link right into one handy place. So you could see at a glimpse if a person stated “brilliant post …” or “I can’t think they composed this …!” This shouldn’t be your only quick guide to how individuals are replying to your material, however it serves for a fast thumb in the air test.

The one draw-back right here is that you will just see discussions from Twitter as well as FriendFeed so if you only make use of Facebook you aren’t most likely to locate anything of use.

Traffic Data

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As with every excellent dimension plan this could tell you when individuals utilized your web link, which site referred them to you and which country your consumers come from.


If you are new to twitter and just have a handful of fans your website traffic numbers are likely to be low. (What do you mean 50% of my consumers remain in Singapore??) Don’t established way too much shop by this information, it must just be an useful quick guide suggesting the days when your target consumers are probably to review what you have to say.

Bit. ly currently is relatively limited in exactly what it could gauge. That stated, it might help you to examination, display and fine-tune your social networks methods – a lot more compared to your bog-standard URL shortening tool. Data is great, but it’s what you perform with it that counts – do you actually should know more?

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Katie Saxon