Today I was talking to a new customer on the phone and I was ing his backlinks, and also I found numerous un-natural back links from directories … and also many of these directory sites had actually pages the connected to the customer that looked something such as this: (this is not the customer site below, just a random listing I got hold of)

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According to Majestic’s backlink analysis, the website has had 1,933 one-of-a-kind domains linking to it (though just 368 domain names connect to it today).

With this several back links, you would certainly anticipate this site to place for at least a handful of phrases … yet if I take that root link by entering it right into Spyfu (FYI, I’m making use of the new beta version), I get a key words ranking graph like this.

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This website utilized to place for a bunch of phrases, then in October of 2013, after their third success, they lost all rankings they ever before had.

In fact, I just examined, and also the site is additionally totally de-indexed from Google.

So, for our new client, I grabbed possibly 9 words from his directory description listing that he had in this directory, and I likelied to google, and also searched for that string of words with quotes around it … and yup, there were 28 other directories still listed with Google, all making use of that very same precise directory summary. I make sure Google discovered hundreds more as well as de-indexed those sites as well, and also there’s now just 28 left in the index, yet these all rank for absolutely nothing. I additionally see that a number of these various other 28 site have ‘Remove your LINK’ pages where they’re putting rates on eliminating links.

I’m thinking that the individual who acquired these directory web links probably paid a great deal less compared to $20 to obtain their web link detailed in this 1 lousy directory … now it’s $20 to obtain the link eliminated … I partly comprehend … why would certainly individuals with the directory site do this work for complimentary? … You desire your web link got rid of, sure, pay for the time it takes. Certainly, you can disavow the link, and also it won’t cost you a trait … yet wouldn’t Google actually instead see the link eliminated???

Imagine if I mapped out the -500 other websites in this network of directory site websites, then submitted a rival to all those websites (probably for $20 total to get in all 500 of those directory sites combined) …

What if they obtained penalized for getting these sorts of web links … then it’s hi there … you wan na remove those? … That’ll cost you $20 per directory for elimination … or a total amount of $10k … ouch … one needs to question, does one obtain out of a charge much faster if the links are really eliminated, rather than disavowed …???

I make sure there’s an entire brand-new market beginning up for ‘produce a bad directory site … perhaps something like and also occupy it with 500,000 urls, as well as put the ‘Erase this LINK $20’ following to every listing … I ask yourself just how much I ‘d make?

FYI, in instance you were wondering, I do not do points like that … yet I see there are others who do as well as are.