social media management toolsWe last signed in on DuckDuckGo almost 3 years ago to the day. Explaining it as ‘a choice to Google that has some actually awesome functions’, we cut short of in fact supplying any suggestions on how ideal to optimize your website for this ethical search engine. This could be because, in 2012, not a great deal of study had actually occurred pertaining to Search Engine Optimization for DuckDuckGo. At that time, DuckDuckGo was a fascinating startup. Now, it has really real prospective to become a major player on the planet of search.

Late in 2014, Apple released iOS 8, the most recent version of their operating system. Amongst the brand-new features was the capability to select DuckDuckGo as the default Safari search engine.

In January 2015, DuckDuckGo obtained practically 8 million direct questions daily. With a potential army of Apple customers changing to its company, DuckDuckGo’s increase looks established to continue.

But why would certainly people make use of DuckDuckGo when they could utilize Google?

Why DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo describes itself as ‘the online search engine that does not track you’. Google and also other search engines constantly collect data on their individuals, tracking such information as area, search history, and also buying inclinations. They ostensibly do this so that they can supply search results page that are totally tailored to the user’s way of life, but for numerous people, such behavior is deeply and also unforgivably creepy.

As The Brink so succinctly put it, ‘DuckDuckGo was developed to be a much less weird as well as much less invasive alternative to Google’. It does not gather any type of data from its individuals whatsoever. In a world where federal government as well as corporate monitoring has numerous competing capitals, the relative personal privacy of DuckDuckGo is a gift on a plate. A current study by Search Engine Land found that almost 90% of individuals have some level of concern about their on-line privacy.

So we can anticipate to see the appeal of this kindhearted search engine continue to grow. Maybe it’s time you started optimising your website for DuckDuckGo?

SEO for DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo search outcomes are not personalised whatsoever. If you look for ‘Pac-Man’, you’ll see precisely the exact same results as every person else. Theoretically, this suggests that every website on the web is dealing with on the exact same equal opportunity. The question is, will this make Search Engine Optimization easier, or harder?

Doubtlessly, as the appeal of DuckDuckGo remains to increase, the internet will become flooded with numerous quick guides on the precise steps you must take to make certain that your website will climb to the top of the search results page. Nevertheless, according to Browse Engine Land’s Neil Patel, if you assume in such terms, you may already have actually lost. The ‘technique’ to rating well on DuckDuckGo isn’t really a method whatsoever. Rather, it’s to ensure that your internet site delivers ‘high functionality, a wonderful customer encounter, as well as no spam’.

Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo’s CEO, claimed that his internet search engine aimed to give its customers with ‘the benefits in personal privacy without any type of sacrifice in high quality’. So if you desire to rank well on DuckDuckGo – or any kind of internet search engine, for that matter – your initial step is to create a bloody great website.

Beyond that, Patel provides the following insight:

  • Don’ t Build Links, Earn Hyperlinks – DuckDuckGo positions are greatly improved web link profile data. As is the situation with Google, it is much far better to have a reduced number of high quality web links than it is to have a huge number of reduced quality web links. The very best method to get excellent quality links is to create the kind of beneficial material to which top quality web sites will gladly send their visitors.
  • Think About The Semantics – DuckDuckGo search results appear to think about the customer’s intent, not just their particular search query. A firm grasp of semantic search is therefore important. My well-regarded associate Ben Timber recently wrote a very useful blog concerning semantic search, and also exactly how it might affect your digital marketing strategy.
  • Use Local Search Terms – Local Search Engine Optimization for DuckDuckGo can call for an article of its very own. However in short, as DuckDuckGo does not track customer behavior, those searching for local companies are required to give clearer info regarding their place. To drive profitable regional web traffic, consider the type of traits customers might browse for, and also include recommendations to areas, road names, spots, and other hyperlocal terms in your content.


There is no quick and simple manner in which to climb to the top of the DuckDuckGo rankings. Instead, if you want to rank well, you need to concentrate upon making your internet site as functional and beneficial as possible.

You could have observed that this is the kind of technique that will certainly also aid you to rank well on Bing as well as Google. So if you have an intelligent and adaptable electronic advertising approach, so long as you take the neighborhood Search Engine Optimization problem into consideration, your website might already have exactly what it takes to rate well on DuckDuckGo.