Switching between your personal account as well as your company page on Google Plus is not as very easy and also transparent as you might have believed (Facebook is doing a much better job at that because just recently).

To work as a page where you have handling rights, you initially should click ‘Handle this page’

. and also then lots of people discover themselves a little bit lost: Just how to obtain back to actually me? Ways to switch back as well as forth?

I have actually attempted numerous methods, none of which is ideal. If you really need some adaptability (plussing a random web page as a page), attempt this LINK trick.

[Google Chrome users could also use CircleCount extension to do the exact same point much easier]

1. Find your page ID

Similarly to your personal account, your company web page has a distinct ID which you can find best in the LINK:


If you are using a custom LINK with/+ BusinessName at the end of the URL, there’s no reason for panic: Your ID can be seen when you hover-over any one of your web page updates, appropriate click and also choose ‘Copy web link place’:

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2. Include it to any type of G+ LINK to plus/ remark as your page

So since you understand your web page ID, copy-paste it immediately after https://plus.google.com/ before anything else that comes after it whenever you intend to serve as a web page. Use the complying with format:


For instance, this is the URL where you are functioning as you:

But allow’s say, you feel that you require to comment because thread as your business? Not a problem, below’s the LINK to comment as you business web page:

Now, make it a regular commitment: Participate in Google Plus as a company page for more brand name exposure:

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Good luck!