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The solution is 100 percent. Surprised?

No, of course you aren’t.

Is it a silly question?

Not in any way. That’s the question I react with whenever clients question my telling them that attaching their campaign monitoring and Web analytics has to be their key task in the coming year.

Why Is Linking Project Manager and also Web Analytics Key?

In a word: performance.

What do project management options measure? They record open rates, click-through rates, links clicked, and … that’s it. Everything else takes place online. Only on your internet site can you see just how effective and exactly how powerful your e-mail project is.

Would you be delighted by your e-mails having significant click-through prices if individuals who arrive at your internet site leave in 3 secs? I doubt it.

What’s the factor of determining open as well as click-through prices if you do not gauge the rate at which site visitors react to your e-mail’s phone call to activity by purchasing a product, downloading an application, seeing a certain page, registering for an e-newsletter, joining a contest, etc.?

Actionable tip: Your e-mail links need to have a specification offered by your Web analytics to make this post-click monitoring possible. If your Web analytics and also e-mail project supervisor do not allow full automation of this procedure, the task will fail. It takes a lot of hands-on actions for it to make it through greater than a few months in many marketing organizations.

Customer Knowledge Is Critical

In a previous post on just how the appropriate ad is a crucial follow-up to advertising e-mails, I explained a number of use situations that prove to the relevance of knowing your customer so you can comply with up by launching him hyper-targeted ads.

So would you would like to know what devices as well as running systems your dear email subscriber, Mickael Bentz, uses?

Of course you would.

Connecting your campaign monitoring option as well as your Internet analytics allows you figure out that as well as more.

  • What products does Mickael like?
  • What are his interests?

Web analytics can respond to those and also various other questions.

Our customers love this for how it allows them optimize their emails.

You can define sections based on items checked out, searches on the internet site search engine, products liked on social networks, reviews uploaded, and much more.

  • Does Mickael choose residence distribution or point-of-sale delivery?
  • If the last, which point of sale?
  • What does he consider your products?

Web analytics can assist you record even offline investing in behavior.

What if others in Mickael’s house use the same computer? This info could be essential from a campaign division point of view. You can easily detect if others additionally use Mickael’s computer system and also separate their actions from his.

Do I truly have to explain any kind of further why linking your project monitoring option as well as your Internet analytics could be the secret to better targeting your email campaigns?

Of training course remarketing likewise calls for e-mail expertise and also, as connecting Adobe Campaign and also Adobe Analytics enables, that’s ideal done with high reactivity, i.e., in genuine time. For additional information, read this blog post about how to take advantage of internet analytics to enhance your campaign management. Then review even more regarding it in this 2nd installment.


The just method to measure the performance of your email campaigns as well as really understand your customers is through attaching your project administration and also Web analytics options, if possible in real time. That’s certainly a top concern when we help our clients and also share our best experiment them.

Is connecting campaign administration and Web analytics one of your top concerns? If, as I really hope, it is, what challenges and successes have you seen?